Eusebeia: A Christian lifestyle committed to a real, true, vital, & spiritual relationship with God

Elevate Your Marriage

You know there is another level to which God is calling your marriage. You may be tired of a marriage that drifts along, feeling well short of what you thought marriage was going to be like.

You believe that God calls you to a marriage that thrives but with all of the differences between you and your spouse, you may have wondered, “is it really possible for me?”

Have you ever wondered how to avoid the pitfalls that destroy so many Christian couples that you know?

You’ve read marriage books. You’ve attended marriage workshops or retreats. You may have even sought counseling when things were really difficult. These are all evidences that you care deeply about your marriage.

But, what if God is calling you to immerse your marriage in Him—two days of anointing for your marriage—a spiritual awakening like you’ve never before experienced.



Whether you are a newly married couple or have decades of experience behind you, the Eusebeia conference will guide you to experience a newfound revelation of God’s direction for your marriage; Specifically, you will experience a powerful five-part system that enables you to...

Deepen God’s Presence in Your Marriage - Invoke God’s healing presence through raw praise and worship, anointed inspiration, and authentic marital introspection

Clarify God’s purpose for your marriage - Enrich your understanding of what God desires to accomplish through your partnership

Claim God’s Wealth for Your Home - Replace the Scarcity mindset of the Adversary with an Abundance mindset

Purify the Heart of Your Marriage - Relinquish the personal and relational strongholds that limit God’s full bounty in your marriage


Commit to a Marriage of Integrity - Commit to a marriage of spiritual, sexual, and emotional fidelity

Communicate with a renewed sense of purpose and respect - Transform the way you communicate as a couple

Trust God’s Direction for Your Marriage - Arm your marriage with faith principles and relationships that promise to transform your relationship

The Eusebeia Experience

At Eusebeia, you will not just be fed information on the latest communication skills training or hear well-worn advice on better intimacy. Eusebeia is about experiencing God’s presence in your marriage. A real, anointed, soul-searching experience that takes the real strengths and difficulties in your marriage and challenges you to experience God’s anointing in the midst of them.

Regardless of where you are today in your marriage, when you leave the Eusebeia conference, we expect you to feel that your marriage commitment is renewed, your intimacy is spiritually charged, and you have a prayer plan to sustain you for the long-term.




Thursday, September 7th

6:00p Private Pre-conference Welcome Reception (Gold registrants)

7:30p Eusebeia Welcome Social

September 8th

9:00a Praise and Worship

9:30a Welcome & General plenary session

10:15a Healing the Wounds in Marriage

12:00p Lunch on your own (or Bonus Lunch for Gold registrants)

3:00p Claiming Godly Abundance

4:00p Couple Free Time

5:00p Couple Free Time (Dinner on your own)

7:00p Breaking the Negative Cycle

9:00p Entertainment

September 9th

9:00a Praise and Worship

9:30a General plenary session

10:15a Committed to Integrity

12:00p Couple Free Time (Lunch on your own)

3:00p Trusting God’s Voice

4:30p Closing Reception / Anointing Ceremony

6:00p Couple Free Time (Dinner on your own)

8:00p Entertainment

September 10th

10:00a Praise and Worship

10:30a Sunday Sermon

11:15a Renewal of the Vows Ceremony


How much is it worth to have a marriage that pleases God and satisfies your needs?
The Eusebeia Weekend Experience has something for everyone.